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Mining sector is the backbone of Mongolian economy and  mining sector alone have played the most important role in bringing the Mongolian economy to the international business limelight.

  • Started in June, 2014.
  • Finished in September, 2014.
  • Phase 2 started in September, 2015 and currently on-going.



Mongolia joined EITI international in 2006 and since then EITIM has been producing mining reports public each year.

  • 1600+ companies sending reports through E-Reporting system.
  • Reports available to all and everyone who is interested.
  • Analytical display of results available.
  • Developed fully using open source technology.
  • Fully open-sourced project I.e. source code is publically available.


Potential users (people who can benefit from this system)

  • EITI organization in implemented countries.
  • Mining communities.
  • Civil Society Organizations.
  • Economist and Researchers.


Current Users (who uses the system currently)

  • EITI- Mongolia.
  • Mining Companies (OT, TT etc)
  • Government Agencies (Tax office, department of customs etc).
  • Civil Society Organizations (Open Society Forum, Mongolia).
  • Independent Auditors (KPMG).



  • EITI-Mongolia.
  • Mining Companies( OT, Tavan Tolgoi etc).
  • MRAM, GDT, Custom Office ect( Government Agencies).
  • KPMG-Mongolia ( Audit Companies).
  • Open Society Forum( Biggest Civil Society forum in Mongolia).


Impact to the Society:

  • Reduction in paper based reports, thus promote clean environment process.
  • Since source code is open sourced so interested parties can use it without paying for it and make customization to it.
  • Put Mongolia in the mining map for promoting transparency in the mining industries.



  • More than 1800+ mining companies are currently operating in Mongolia and all of them have to use the system in order to submit their reports.
  • So far paper based reports from 2006 till 2014 are digitalized and uploaded to the system. That is about 3400+ reports over the period of 9 years.
  • 900+ companies’ reports are reconciled in 2014 by Independent Reconciler (KPMG) using the system.
  • Mongolia was awarded best country for promoting transparency data during the EITI international conference in Peru, 2016 (February). This was achieved through the E-Reporting system.